Spring Garden – 2014

Spring Garden – 2014

This past week was gorgeous weather in S. California.  We took advantage to plant our early Spring garden for our “remote garden”.

We’ve had our garden for several years now, so much of the hard work prepping has already been done (ie. preparing the soil and adding water drip lines).

Organic Fertilizer

We usually add more compost every other year, which we just did last year.
This year we picked up a couple bags of steer manure to mix into the garden.

Here’s what we have planted this year at our remote garden:

Row 1 – potatoes
Row 2 – zucchini
Row 3 – beets
Row 4 – carrots & onions (interplanting)
Row 5 – tomatoes (early girl, better boy, & roma)
Row 6 – sugar snap peas & broccoli
Row 7 – swiss chard
Row 8 – romaine lettuce
Row 9 – romaine lettuce

Excel Spreadsheet

I added the information in my Excel spreadsheet to help keep track of what I’ve planted.

I also added a column for approx. harvest date (depending on what we planted) and the date we planted – so it calculates the expected harvest date.

We’ve had an exceptionally warm winter here in S. California, so we planted early this Spring.  So as we harvest some veggies, we’ll also be able to add additional seeds as the season progresses.

Next, I plan to plant seeds for our “home garden”.  I’m planning a special theme this year for the home garden – I hope it turns out!

Do you plant a garden where you live?  What are some of your favorite vegetables to plant?

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