Rearrange Your Space With A FREE 2D Room Planner

In preparation for Christmas decorating, I usually start with a good deep cleaning of the house for a “clean slate”.  This year I also decided to re-arrange our living room furniture to try to find a better design/flow.

I like to change things up from time-to-time.  And much to my husband’s dismay, I usually change up the living room design a couple times a year.

In the past, I’d just have some crazy ideas and start moving (or more accurately have my husband push) the furniture around the room ’til I found a layout that I liked.  I am not gifted in the interior design department, so this process would take some time since I couldn’t just “see it in my head” how things would look until they were in place.

But then I found a furniture design tool that completely changed my world!

I know there are probably many different kinds of room layout tools, but I found the FREE 2D Room Planner on the La-Z-Boy site to be exactly what I needed!

(There is also a 3D Room Design, but I haven’t tried that one yet.)

You can put in the dimensions of your room, add structural elements like windows and doors, and with a simple click either add any of the products La-Z-Boy sells.  They even include generic items, where you can click on the item and customize the dimensions your specific item.

  • Here is what my Living Room looked like before:

  • And here is the new layout:


I’ve been really liking the new Living Room arrangement!
- More open layout
- The “Play Area” is not in back of the “Living Room” – makes it easier to watch the kids.
- Less mess throughout the day! (see bullet point #2)

Now the Living Room is all set to start Christmas decorating!

What tools have you found helpful in redesigning your rooms?

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2 Responses to Rearrange Your Space With A FREE 2D Room Planner

  1. Emily says:

    That’s cool! What CAN’T you find on the Internet?
    Emily recently posted..Why Green Cleaning?My Profile

  2. Jen says:

    I love your space! And I can see how that before and after of the layout really made a difference in the space. It really feels open and so lovely!

    I have never used that room planner before, but I LOVE to switch things up so it sounds like a fun tool to use!

    Thanks for sharing!