Kids’ Room – Final Reveal!

Kids Room Design

Kids’ Room – Final Reveal!

I know you’ve all been waiting for the final reveal of the kids’ room, and I’m glad to finally be able to show it to you!  There was a lot of planning, designing, and creating that went into this little 10×10 room.

We started the kids’ room redecoration back in May, with the beginnings of some new ideas stirring.  A lot has transformed since then!  (you can read about the initial post here)

If you remember from a previous post I talked about keeping the following into consideration:

  • Sleeping area
  • Storage
  • Lighting
  • Accessories

Transitioning from a nursery to a toddler’s room, that would still be useful as my two kids grew older, posed a few challenges. 

The color theme I chose to use was: Teal, Lime Green, and Red 
                                                                          Jungle Safari

Sleeping Area

I had initially considered  bunk beds as a space-saving solution for their small room.  I strongly considered this bunk bed from IKEA, since the top bunk sits much lower than standard bunk beds.  However, my kids are only ages 4 & 3 and my 4 yr old boy is a dare-devil who likes to jump off everything!  Perhaps when they transition to twin beds, that will be the bunk bed we will consider then.

Still using their existing crib mattresses, I was able to find great deals on the toddler beds from craigslist.  I paid approximately $30/ea. for the beds and was so excited to find matching beds, even though I had bought them at separate times!

- I found these awesome Teal Jersey Knit Crib Sheets on Amazon.  They were the perfect color I was looking for, and knew I had to buy them!

- To finish off their bedding, I completed my 1st ever sewing project! 
I just absolutely love how the Rag Quilts turned out!

You can read more about the Rag Quilts from my previous posts:

Algebra Inspired Rag Quilt


Storage solutions for the bedroom was definitely another challenge for this tiny space for two!  Although my kids primarily use this space for sleeping, I wanted to create a space that would still function well as they grew older. 
(their toys are stored in the living room where I can supervise them while they play, and craft items are stored in the garage.)

- I came up with an idea to build a preschool desk that would fit between their beds, and hubby geniously designed the desk around using these IKEA Trofast storage bins.  I love how my kids can color all their masterpieces and can hide away store them safely when they’re finished.

preschool desk

Hubby bought a 1/2″ 4×8 sheet of MDF (we still have almost half left to use for another project).  He primed, painted, measured (and measured again), and cut the pieces to the desired length to assemble the desk.  The pre-made table legs were bought from Lowes.  Using metal leg plates attached to the bottom of the desk, we can easily change out the table legs to a longer length as the kids get older. 

The cute green stools (also from IKEA, are you seeing a trend here?) fit perfectly underneath their desk when not in use; another great space-saver!

I found the BYGEL rail and containers to hang above their desk to store colored pencils, crayons, and markers. (however, these items are currently stored safely in the garage until they get older.)  I loved the function and splash of color it added to this space.

- For even more storage, above the desk we hung this IKEA shelf  & brackets .  We found these orange KASSET CD boxes w/lids to store all their treasures they find when we go on walks and other adventures (rocks, shells, etc.).  Their money jars, framed picture, and metal leaf wall art from HomeGoods complete this area.

- This little yellow dresser I’ve had forever!  I initially bought it at a used furniture store when my oldest (who’s now 17) was just a baby.  This versatile piece has been used throughout the many different places I’ve lived.  It has served as a dresser for baby clothes, end table for my living room, nightstand for the bedroom, and even my Christmas tree stand a few years for a small 4′ tabletop Christmas tree!

- I got the IKEA magazine files to hold artwork & projects they make, and also function as bookends for their bedtime books (bedtime stories and bible stories for children).  The display shelf above the dresser, which was a freebie that was there when my hubby bought the house, serves to complete this little reading vignette.


- The lighting it the room was non-existent before!  The light switch was hooked up to a wall outlet.  However, after going through two different floor lamps which my little terrors destroyed – I had to come up with a safer solution.  The sun ceiling light that hubby installed adds so much bright and cheerfulness to this space.

- My kids absolutely LOVE these over-the-bed reading lights we installed!  They easily attach to the wall and the cord runs down behind their bed and plug into the outlet beneath their desk (no special electrical wiring involved!)  The best thing I love is that these lights do not get hot to the touch, so it’s definitely safe for the kids’ room!

- The IKEA table lamp was my inspiration for the color theme for the entire bedroom.  It also has a dimmer switch, which is what we use as the nightlight for their room.

Lighting Solutions


- The trio picture set hung vertically has safari animals: a crocodile, giraffe, and elephant.
- The cork boards we hung above their beds display their custom-made artwork.

Safari Animals Art

- Also, above the little yellow dresser is my favorite picture I got as a present of a zebra sleeping in a hammock with this written beneath:

Jesus loves me, this I know…
Children are a heritage from the Lord. Psalm 127:3

zebra sleeping in hammock


We also have a few stuffed animals & other special items placed throughout the room:

 - My kids have animal familiars: Mason is a monkey, Caden is a crocodile, and Makena is a (Masai) giraffe. 
There are stuffed animals representing this on the shelf above the little yellow dresser.- They also have their “pillow pets” on their beds
                                * Caden has the Lion, King of the Jungle!
                                * Makena has the Pig, as in Evil Dr. Porkchop muahaha!
(Although, Makena’s animal familiar is a giraffe, in actuality her favorite are little pigs.  She loves anything pig!  So yes, our Jungle Safari includes PIGS!)

- The Tiger stool at the end of the bed was a great find from Goodwill!

- Their “cozy’s” are hung neatly at the end of their beds.  (only hung neatly for pics, sorry) 
                                  * Caden’s “color” is green and Makena’s “color” is pink. 

Since they are only 13 months apart in age, they are pretty much treated like twins. 
If one gets a particular toy, the other usually does as well (each with their own color).    Although, much of their toys are “shared toys” (ie. trains, blocks, etc.) – some specific toys are bought for each with their own color.  For example, they each have a travel magna-doodle; Caden has one that’s green, and Makena’s is pink.  This saves much effort fighting over which toy is whose!

- The framed picture on the shelf in the middle of the room is the newest addition!

Andrea Esmeralda Carabantes Solorzano
She is the 4 yr old girl from El Salvador we sponsored through Compassion International. 



You can read about my decision for our family to sponsor a child on the posts I wrote:

My kids include Andrea, and her family, in their prayers each night.  I’m looking forward to the shared correspondence between her and my kids throughout the years as they grow up together.  And the room…now…feels…complete!

…And one more view of the completed kids’ room:


So tell me what you think.  What do you like best about the room?
Have you done any redecorating of a kids room?  What items & ideas did you include?

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  1. Jen says:

    SO cute! Seriously, how wonderful is that desk?! Love love love! So glad you shared with me, the room is such a great shared space!


    • Tonia says:

      Thanks so much! I’ve gotten some great ideas from your site and a few others I enjoy reading. :-)
      Yes, I’m very excited about how the desk turned out too! I drew a pic of my idea for the hubby, and it executed the plan perfectly!