Turtles, Christmas, and Cards…All In One Weekend

This weekend was a good mix of work and play. I love those kind of weekends. If all I do is play, I feel guilty about not getting projects done. But if all I do is work, I can easily feel exhausted not being able to enjoy life.

Friday night, the hubby planned a date night for us. He even arranged for the kids to spend the night at my mom’s house that evening (score huge points for the hubby!) We have season passes to Sea World, and we received a mail invitation for members to the opening night of the new exhibit: Turtle Reef.

Sea World: Turtle Reef

We usually enjoy going to Sea World as a family, seeing the expression as our little ones light up seeing the dolphins and killer whales is priceless.  However, it was also special to go just as a couple on a date this time. 

We ate dinner at Sea World’s Shipwreck Cafe.  We were entertained by the resident Green Heron attempting to steal french fries every chance he got!  I have to admit, it was funnier when we were watching him stalk others’ tables.  As others cleared from their tables, we were the last ones sitting in our section.  Those beady little eyes from the feathered fiend were now feasting upon my pudding dessert!  I couldn’t look away for a split second, afraid my pudding would disappear.  Hubby reassured me that if I looked away, it wouldn’t be the bird I’d have to be afraid of swooping in to steal my dessert, ha!  (okay, so I did share the last half of the pudding with the hubby).

We enjoyed the rest of the park at a leisurely pace (one great thing about having a season pass – we didn’t have to feel rushed seeing everything all in one day).  After the fireworks show, we even got to ride the roller coaster Journey to Atlantis….twice!

Saturday was our work day – Project Garage Organization

I’m not brave enough to post before pictures…yet.  I’m afraid well-meaning friends or neighbors might turn us in to A&E’s TV show: Hoarders!  Between getting married in our late twenties (combining two separate households), moving six times in the seven years of marriage, and the garage being a catch-all space for everything I don’t have a place for – it has become a royal mess! 

Here are the garage “zones” I currently have plans for:
- Laundry Room
- Christmas
- Gift Wrap
- Craft Items
- Media & Books
- Childhood Memorabilia
- Sports Equipment
- Camping Gear
- Tools

The last time we worked, we started on the “laundry room” zone.  We have made some great progress, but I’m still looking for inspiration to finish how I want it to look and function.

This weekend, we worked on organizing “Christmas” zone.  We only kept items that we thought was beautiful and would use, and purged the rest!  Our “garage sale” pile is definitely starting to grow, and it feels great letting go of items.  It will feel even better once it’s physically out of our space, leaving room for only those things we want to keep.

I put temporary labels on all our newly organized Christmas bins, and started organization on my Gift Wrap zone.  (a label maker is on my wish list – hint, hint)

“Christmas” zone bins:
- Tree decorations
- Stockings, Red Bows, Carolers
- Christmas snowman (snowman decorations)
- Indoor Christmas (misc. decorations)
- Outdoor Christmas lights

I also started organization of the “gift wrap” zone:
- ribbons
- gift boxes
- gift bags
- gift tags/labels

I’m still working on finishing touches, so it’s not ready to take final pics. 
But soon…I promise!

I’m also working on a different way to store all our media (dvd’s, vhs, cd’s).  Hubby has copied the majority of it on our Western Digital My Book Live 2 TB Home Network Attached Storage Drive

Hubby has it hooked up so we can conveniently play our movies & music or view our pictures from our XBox Media Center – very high tech!  And I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love that our little ones can’t make a mess with a bazillion DVD’s all over the living room!  We keep the original hard copy versions stored if needed (highly recommend, as our copy of Casablanca somehow got corrupted on our file server – yikes!).

I’m still finalizing ideas of how I’m going to store all our DVD’s & CD’s, but I did at least start an Excel spreadsheet listing all the movies we own – almost 200 of them!  Only a few movies made it to the garage sale pile on the first round of purges.  I am very grateful to our Netflix subscription – it really limits the amount of movies we add to our collection!

Sunday, of course, was Father’s Day! 
We didn’t do anything out of the ordinary – went to church, lunch with the in-laws, and an afternoon of card playing.  But I really enjoy the simple traditions of our family; it’s something I look forward to throughout the week, every week.

Caden and Makena


Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father’s Day Ryan!
You’re the best father & daddy I could hope for, for all my kids.

We love you!!!

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