Conviction Leads To Action

When you are faced with a decision, you can do one of two things.  You can ignore the message, feel guilt, and be complacent OR you can get convicted, be intentional, and take action.  I try to do the latter.  It’s not always easy.  In fact, it’s often more difficult.

So, how do I move forward to taking those actions?  It was once explained to me that we can either live with disclipline or live with regret.  That is so true and applies to every area of our lives!

Last week, I read stories the compassion bloggers shared about their trip in the Philippines with Compassion International.  Seeing the pictures of pure poverty and reading their stories were heartbreaking. 
Here is a link that shares some of those stories: 

I felt that inner nudging, urging me to do something.  At that point, I had the decision (as I explained above) to ignore it, feel guilt, and be complacent OR get conviction, be intentional, and take action. 

I wanted to share this process I used because sometimes people will make a rash decision, take action, and wind up regretting their choice oftentimes leading to poor financial decisions.  Does the term “Buyer’s Remorse” come to mind?  Just within the past two weeks, I had decided to cut our cable for the summer.  There were a variety of reasons: spending more quality time with the family, enjoying the outdoors more, etc.  We hadn’t decided what to do with the savings yet – a family trip perhaps, or buying something we had wanted?

My family is now the proud sponsor of a beautiful 4 yr old girl, Andrea, from El Salvador!  We are excited that we can help provide a hope and a future, in the name of Jesus, to this little girl through Compassion International.  I now believe that my decision to cut cable for the summer, was God preparing my heart and showing (in a practical way) how I could sponsor this child.  I feel honored to do this, and my kids are excited about making a new friend.

…And at the end of the summer, if our family decides we want cable again for the school year, we will have to decide another area to sacrifice.  Or perhaps we will enjoy the added hours to our day.

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Hi! My name is Tonia. I'm happily married with three great kids - two preschoolers and a teen! With a previous career in software sales, I thrived in my career as a working mom until the birth of my third child. I'm now on a journey to discover how to be content as an "@ home" mom. I've been inspired to become the best wife and mom I can be, where ever that role takes me. I'm eager to try new things, looking for greatness, longing for contentment.
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