Project: Simplify: Master Bathroom Cabinet

Week 5 (the final week) of Simple Mom’s Project: Simplify was: whatever you want!

I chose to tackle the Bathroom Cabinets
(it was the last cabinets in our house that had yet to be decluttered and organized).

Although we have 3 bathrooms, I’m going to focus on the Master Bathroom Cabinet on this post.
(the upstairs kids bathroom and downstairs guest bathroom weren’t very bad, so they only needed some minor organization done.)

Master Bathroom Cabinet (before):

Master Bathroom Cabinet (before)

It was a mess!  There was really no organization or rhyme or reason where anything was.  I only took a before pic of under the sinks, but we also organized the drawers & medicine cabinet.

Master Bathroom Cabinet (after):

Master Bathroom Cabinet (after)

It was difficult to take good pics of such a small space, but trust me when I say it’s much better organized now.

One trashbag of items removed from cabinets & drawers, and a handfull of unused items to donate to Goodwill.

I organized the middle drawers as follows:
- top drawer: toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, etc.
- middle drawer: box of Q-tips, my razors, tupperware container which holds all my hairclips, etc.
(hubby is especially excited that I moved all my hairclips, hoping he won’t be finding my hair in his toothbrush anymore!)
- bottom drawer: ziplock bags holding the following items:
  mani/pedi items, specialty skincare items, etc.

Master Bathroom Cabinet (left-hand side):

left-hand side

Here are a few organizational things that helped:

- Reused a tupperware container to place all of hubby’s shoe shine products together
- Reused a basket to hold hubby’s hairtrimming & shaving products together.
- I lined up all the “extra” hair & bath products so I can easily find them
  (products were “hiding” before, so I had forgotten about some of these items til now).
- First Aid items are in the back
  (I’m still looking for a better container to hold these items and making a list of items that   would be handy for our “First Aid Kit”)

Master Bathroom Cabinet (right-hand side):

right-hand side

 Reused baskets I had leftover from reorganizing the kids’ books:
- Front basket now holds hair products (ie. mousse, hairspray, leave-in conditioner, brush, etc.),
- Rear basket is for hair styling tools (ie. curling iron, , flat iron, travel blowdryer, blowdryer accessories). My large blow dryer doesn’t fit in the baskets, so it just sits by itself.

- I already had the 2 red bags for make-up (very convenient for when I travel)
    - I went through and took out items I would never use
    – Front bag holds my everyday products (skincare and make-up)
    - Back bag holds special occasion products such as bronzers, various eye shadows, etc.
- Feminine products – self-explanatory

This wraps up the review of the five week spring cleaning challenge I participated in. 

3 Benefits of Organization:
- saves time in cleaning, as now everything has it’s own place to go.
- saves money from buying duplicates of things I didn’t know or forgot I already had.
- saves sanity of me trying to look all over the house for “that item” I know I have!

I’m always looking at ways to implement more efficient methods for my house. 
Does anyone else have any creative ways they’ve organized areas of their homes?  

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